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Gold Coins have been around for over 2600 years. Each year, more than US$ 8 billion worth of 1 Oz gold coins are minted, and over US$ 500 billion have been  sold to investors to protect their money. GoldenCoin brings 1 Oz gold coins into the digital age by adding technology which cuts down lead times between buy and sell orders, payouts and facilitating storage:

– Prepaid Payment Card Payouts
– Global Payouts in any Currency,
– Peer-To-Peer Gold Coin transfers,
– Access to 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide,
– Geopolitical Protection, and
– Military Grade Data Security


Gold Spot Price
Indicative Prices - 1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coins
Sell price
Price over spot offer
United States Mint wholesale price
Price over spot offer
Buy-Back Market Days 10.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m. UK
Price over spot bid
Buy-Back Market Closed
Price over spot bid, last closing
Card Loads
Currency Payments Worldwide (launch June 2018)
Peer-to-Peer Transfers - Personal
Peer-to-Peer Transfers - Business

Safer than Money in the Bank