Your Account & Wallet

Receive and make secure payments in any currency. Transfer gold coins to friends and family. Supervise your private stock of gold coins. Follow market prices. Check your transactions.

Private accounts  are opened and managed on your mobile. You’ll only pay the monthly fee when you have gold coins in your account.

The Real Gold Card

Use your GoldenCoin International Prepaid Card for worldwide shopping, and ATM withdrawals. Simply load your card from your mobile app, by selling off gold coins, and your card will be credited instantaneously. The Card is available in EUR, GBP and USD.

The Coin

Gold Coins have been around for over 2600 years. Each year, more than US$ 8 billion worth of coins are minted, and sold to investors to protect their money. GoldenCoin works exclusively with 1 Oz Gold Eagle Coins from the United States Mint.