Daniel Weitmann – CEO and Founder

Our Story and Mission Statement 

Gold is the currency of wise men, who don’t let themselves be manipulated by financial magic. Men who preserve their wealth in gold, stay wealthy, no matter what happens in the political or financial arena around the world, keeping their families afloat and flourishing for generations. They understand the difference between paper and gold, and understand the mechanics of debasement.

This secret knowledge has been the privilege of monarchs, bankers and governments, holding the worlds massive gold reserves, and issuing fiat currency for others.

It’s here in Switzerland that the world’s most powerful families protect their wealth in gold bullion and bars which are traded in ounces, kilos and tons.  Settlement is managed by key players, large banks and investment houses.

Originally organised and set up by the Knight Templars, the gold banking infrastructure still exists and is very much alive in Switzerland, being the largest gold market in the world.

One of the largest vaults where storage and settlement takes place is Loomis International in Zurich. Gold is transported in and out, traded and vaulted, as money because its  the only hard currency resistant to inflation, devaluation, bankruptcy, and other financial mischief.

GoldenCoin Suisse was born from the idea of providing the advantage of wealth protection and privacy to a larger audience around the world. Using

  • Cutting edge Mobile Technology,
  • United States Gold Bullion Coins, and a
  • Gold Funded Payment Card

GoldenCoin Suisse developed a Private Banking Alternative that provides wealth and privacy protection worldwide where clients don’t have to risk their assets towards the bank, and enjoy immunity against currency policy.

GoldenCoin Suisse’s founder, Daniel Weitmann, has over 20 years of experience in finance, law and technology. He has a passion for gold as currency, which he inherited from his grandfather Professor in Law Halvar G.F. Sundberg who was leading spokesman for keeping the gold standard back in the 1930’s.

Geopolitically protected in Switzerland, the company uses its mobile app to reach out to a worldwide audience. Main clients are business owners who come to protect their money in order to be prepared for the existing banking crisis.

The app works as any other banking app, except that it uses 1 Oz American Gold Eagle coins instead of fiat/paper money. Gold coins are kept entirely segregated from the company’s assets, holding purity of balance sheet.

The mobile app uses established banking systems, Apple mobile technology and a multitude of sophisticated technological integrations, including a payment card that can be used in 210 countries, 40 million point of sales and 2.5 Million ATMs around the world.

In the first month after launching, the company had over a thousand downloads from the Apple App Store

Our commitment is to protect our clients’ wealth above all. We don’t work with grams, we don’t handle cryptocurrencies and we do not mix client funds.

Each single gold bullion coin is stored separately in the vault and registered to its owner at all times. We work with integral ownership, established banking systems and purity of balance sheet, including full insurance.

The company was recently nominated for “Most Innovative Gold Investment Platform”, by the European Global Banking & Finance Awards 2018.