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All Gold Coins are 1 Oz Gold Eagles minted by the United States Mint, by decree from the United States Congress. Gold coins are registered in the clients name, and kept segregated  for the client at Loomis International vault in Zurich.

Gold Coins have been around for over 2600 years. Each year, more than US$ 8 billion worth of 1 Oz gold coins are minted, and over US$ 500 billion have been  sold to investors to protect their money. GoldenCoin brings 1 Oz gold coins into the digital age by adding technology which cuts down lead times between buy and sell orders, payouts and facilitating storage:

– Prepaid Payment Card Payouts
– Global Payouts in any Currency,
– Peer-To-Peer Gold Coin transfers,
– Access to 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide,
– Geopolitical Protection, and
– Military Grade Data Security


Gold Spot Price
Indicative Prices - 1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coins
Sell price
Price over spot offer
United States Mint wholesale price
Price over spot offer
Buy-Back Market Days 10.30 a.m - 3.00 p.m. UK
Price over spot bid
Buy-Back Market Closed
Price over spot bid, last closing
Card Loads
Currency Payments Worldwide (launch June 2018)
Peer-to-Peer Transfers - Personal
Peer-to-Peer Transfers - Business

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