Gold Coins as Money?

GoldenCoin has made it possible to use real gold coins as money again. Now you don’t have to go to the coin shop anymore to buy and sell your coins. You also don’t have to worry about storage. No large margin losses when you sell back your coins, and no bureaucracy filling in a lot of paperwork. You also get a an international payment card that you can load by selling coins from your mobile app.

1 Oz American Gold Eagle Coins
GoldenCoin uses well-established banking systems. Information is stored securely on private servers, with  cold-stored (offline) backup of stock lists of clients holdings. Information is  securely stored on Swiss servers and is protected by Swiss law.

Real gold coins minted by the United States Mint.
GoldenCoin sells authentic solid physical 1 Oz (31 gram) American Gold Eagle gold coins, and stores them for you in a Swiss high security vault. Coins are stored in boxes and rolls of coins, with each single coin being securely locked in a specific numbered slot, and registered to its respective owner, in the same way as a safety deposit box. One (digital) key is held by the client and the other by us.

Is GoldenCoin Regulated by the Financial Authorities?
GoldenCoin follows Swiss Laws and Regulations including those issued by FINMA, the Swiss Financial Conduct Authority. These laws include but are not limited to FINMA Rundschreiben 2011/1 Tätigkeit als Finanzintermediär IIB, Allgemeines zum Geltungsbereich von Art 2 abs 3 GwG.

Is GoldenCoin safe?
Yes, because GoldenCoin provides “Regular Deposits”, as opposed to “Irregular Deposits” as financial institutions and banks.

In a “Irregular Deposit” the customer relinquishes both possession of and title to specific monetary objects deposited at the bank, and is subject to the risks of bankruptcy. In “Irregular Deposits”  you are actually lending your money to the bank (and not depositing), with negative or very little return, and very high risk (many banks are already insolvent and rely on government handouts to remain afloat).

In a “Regular Deposit” however, as provided by GoldenCoin, clients hold full possession and title of their gold coins, and are not subject to the risks of bankruptcy. Clients gold coins are completely separate from GoldenCoins assets,  and are not mixed. In other words, GoldenCoin holds “Purity of Balance Sheet” status, in the same way as banks used to long time ago.

What happens in a Bank in case of insolvency ?
BANKS – Because bank failures have the potential to trigger a broad spectrum of harmful events, including economic recessions, governments create deposit insurance schemes to protect depositors and to give them comfort that their funds are not at risk.

  • EUROPE –  In November 2015 the European Commission proposed t set up a European deposit insurance scheme (EDIS) for bank deposits in the euro area. EDIS is the third pillar of the banking union.  This system only ensures that deposits up to €100 000 are protected through national DGS all over the EU.


  • USA – The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)  is a United States government corporation providing deposit insurance to depositors in US banks. The FDIC was created by the 1933 Banking Act during the Great Depression (June 16 1933)  to restore trust in the American banking system; more than one-third of banks failed in the years before the FDIC’s creation, and bank runs were common.  The insurance limit was initially US $2,500 per ownership category. Since the passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in 2011, the FDIC insures deposits in member banks up to US$ 250,000 per ownership category.

GOLDENCOIN – GoldenCoin is financed by clients yearly account fees, and does not mix client funds with the company’s assets, holding “purity of balance sheet”, as opposed to banks. In the remote case of  insolvency, all clients will still have 100% of  their gold coins available in their safety deposit.


Buying and selling Gold Coins
How do I purchase gold coins?
Once you have downloaded the mobile app, and registered an account,  you can immediately begin purchasing gold coins by placing a buy order from with your mobile app. Payment can be made either through the mobile app with your creditcard, BitPay, or wire transfer to our account in Switzerland in USD.

Is there a minimum or maximum order limit?
The minimum order limit is 1 Oz American Gold Eagle coin at the going market rate (spot + 3%). There are no maximum order limits.

Can I fund my account with 1 Oz American Gold Eagle coins already in my possession?
Yes, it is possible to fund your account with 1 Oz American Gold Coins in your possession, as long as these are still in their original roll of 20 coins. Please contact our Client Relationship Management Team for more information.

What are “bid” or “ask” prices for gold coins?
The “bid” or “sell” is the current highest price at which GoldenCoin client can sell their gold coins.

The “ask” or “buy” is the current lowest price at which GoldenCoin client can buy gold coins.

What is the GoldenCoin Fixed Buy or Fixed Sell Price?
The GoldenCoin Fixed Buy Price / Fixed Sell Price for all gold coin transactions is based on current spot market rates plus a premium, and determined the next business day at 12 p.m. GMT.

What are the limits for buying and selling gold coins at a confirmed purchase rate?

  • Business hours: max 20 coins (1 roll)
  • Overnight: max 20 coins (1 roll)
  • Weekends and U.K. public holidays: max 20 coins (1 roll)

Orders exceeding the above limit will be based on the next available GoldenCoin Fixed Sell or Buy price and must be received at least 30 minutes prior to the fixed time (see times below). Order placed after the Friday fixed price time will be based on the Monday fixed price time.

  • Order cut-off-time at 11.30 a.m. (U.K. time) has Price Fixed at 12.00 p.m. (U.K. time)

You will be notified at the time you place your order whether your order is based on the GoldenCoin Buy or sell Price or on the GoldenCoin Fixed Buy or Sell Price.

What is the quality of 1 Oz American Gold Coins
All coins are from the United States Mint. The 1 Oz American Gold Eagle coin is 22 karat gold, meaning it is composed of 91.67% gold. The remaining amount of the coin is composed of copper (5.33%) and silver (3%). Although the coin is 22 karat gold, it still contains 1 troy oz of pure gold content. This is due to the fact that the coin itself weighs 1.0909 troy ounces total, resulting in 1 troy ounce of pure gold. All gold coins are backdated.

What fees does GoldenCoin charge?
GoldenCoin has three types of accounts Gold Standard, Gold Millenium and Gold Unlimited which include storage fees up to holdings of 50 coins.

  • Gold Standard 0.25 GEA*/year (introduction price)
  • Gold Millenium 0.5 GEA*/year (introduction price)
  • Gold Unlimited 3.0 GEA*/month)

* – United States 1 Oz Gold Eagles

All holdings exceeding 50 coins are subject to additional yearly storage and insurance fees of 0.005%.

How do I view my balance and transaction statements?
You can select any reports of balances from your accounts at any time. Each single coin is uniquely identified to its respective owner in the vault at all times.

When will I receive that I have purchased into my Mobile Vault Account?
Buy orders usually added to your MVA within 1 hour depending on payment. Gold coins paid through SEPA is usually credited within 1 hour, and wire transfers within 24-48 hours.

What does “Chain of Integrity” mean?
We have established a chain of integrity to ensure that all gold coins we hold on behalf of the clients are of the highest quality. Gold coins are near to impossible to falsify, and all our gold coins are purchased either directly from the US Mint or accredited suppliers, and are stored in rolls of 20 coins packed in boxes of 25 rolls. Each single coin is registered to its specific owner, with all coins being accounted for at all times.

Funding and Transfers
How Can I fund my Mobile Vault Account with gold coins?
You can only fund your MVA with gold coins. GoldenCoin does not hold fiat currency accounts.

Coins can be paid for either through Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa),  BitPay or by making a wire transfer to GoldenCoin in Switzerland.

What currencies can I buy gold coins with?
GoldenCoin clients may purchase gold coins in either USD, EUR or GBP without foreign exchange fees.

Can I make gold coin transfers to other GoldenCoin clients?
GoldenCoin clients may make a near-instantaneous transfer of gold coins from their Mobile Vault Accounts to another client’s Mobile Vault Account.

This exchange of gold coins transfer ownership from the sender to the recipient. There are no fees for sending and receiving gold coin payments.

Can I use a credit card to fund my gold coins account?
Yes, we accept credit cards to fund your gold coins account, although this is a more expensive option, and limited to 5 coins per day.

Can I use PayPal to fund my gold coins account?

Where are my gold coins stored, and are they secure?
All gold coins are stored in a secure, fully insured vault in Switzerland, operated by Loomis International, a world leading private vault operator.

How are the storage fees paid for
GoldenCoin has three types of accounts Gold Standard, Gold Millenium and Gold Unlimited which include storage fees up to holdings of 250 coins.

All holdings exceeding 250 coins are subject to the following storage fees:

Number of coins exceedingStorage per month in Storage per day in Storage per day per troz
250 coins0.1610 ‰0.0054 ‰0.0016
500 coins0.1535 ‰0.00515 ‰0.0016
1000 coins0.1460 ‰0.00490 ‰0.0016


Storage fees for gold coins exceeding above limits will be charged to your settlement account. Storage fees will apply for any gold coins sold up to the month and including the day it is sold. You are responsible for payment of your settlement account. If you fail to pay the storage fees on time, you may incur an administrative charge for late payment (late payment charge) and we may not allow you to access your gold coins until you pay any outstanding amount owed.

Can I transfer gold coins stored from another provider to GoldenCoin?
Yes. If you would like to transfer gold coins from another provider to GoldenCoin for storage, please contact our dedicated Relationship Management team.

Can I visit the vault?
All GoldenCoin clients who hold more than 20 coins (1 roll) are welcome to inspect their holdings in the Zurich Vault. Please contact our dedicated Relationship Management team to schedule your visit. An additional charge will apply for visits, as specific security procedures are necessary before visitation. Visitation fee’s follow Loomis International Vaulting price list, which may change from time to time.

Delivery, Registration and Collection
Can I take physical possession of my gold coins?
Yes, you may take physical delivery of your gold coins at any time. All gold coins are fully owned by clients, and are independent from GoldenCoin assets, who has purity of balance sheet . Please contact our dedicated Relationship Management team for more information.

Are there tax implications?
GoldenCoin cannot provide tax advice. We recommend that you obtain advice from a qualified professional advisor in your country before selling or arranging for collection or delivery of your gold coins.

What is registered gold coin?
All gold coins are registered, and owned by a single GoldenCoin client. All registered gold coins registered to a GoldenCoin client will have a different registration ID which is attributed when the gold coin enters the Vault. The gold coin ID number includes roll Seal number and coin Sequence number and assigns it to the client owner. To facilitate client ownership management, the warehouse management system optimizes the storage of client’s holdings by unifying gold coins to the same rolls and boxes to simplify physical delivery.

To which countries do you deliver gold coins?
GoldenCoin’s vault operators can deliver your holdings anywhere in the world. Please contact our dedicated Relationship Management team for more information.

GoldenCoin’s Prepaid Card
What is GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card?
GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid Card is available in USD, EUR and GBP. The Card is linked to your gold coin account, and can be  loaded by converting coins to currency.

What types of cards are available to GoldenCoin clients?
GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid Card are available in USD, EUR and GBP. You select your card of choice during the signup registration process.

Where can I use GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card?
You can use GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card for worldwide shopping in 35.9 million locations worldwide, and access over 2.1 million ATM’s globally. You can use GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card in-store, online and over the phone wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Are GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid cards available in all countries?
We are currently able to issue cards for clients residing in the following countries:


  • EIRE


Can I use GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card in countries where USD, EUR and GBP are not used? If so what exchange rate would apply?
Clients may choose from obtaining a card in either USD, EUR or GBP. If you use your card for a transaction in a currency other than the currency of your card, a 2.5% foreign exchange fee will be applied.

What credit limits applied to GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid cards?
GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid cards are prepaid, meaning there are not credit or loan facilities. You can spend as much funds that you have loaded onto your card account, from the gold coins that you convert from your gold coins account.

Applying for cards
How do I apply for GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card?
You may apply for GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card, and select the currency of your choice (USD, EUR or GBP) during the sign up process on the mobile app, as part of the onboarding process. All it takes is less than three minutes.

Are there any restrictions?
We are unable to process card applications for clients who have not reached 18 years of age.

What documents are required?
To apply for a card, you will need to go through the registration process in the mobile app, which includes taking a photo of your passport, a photo of yourself (selfie) and a photo of a document showing your  proof of residence (dated within the last 90 days).

What currencies are available?
GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card is available in USD, EUR and GBP.

Card Costs
How much does GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card cost to order?
GoldenCoin’s Prepaid MasterCard is included in the yearly account fee.

Will I get a monthly bill?
There are no monthly bills associated with your GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card, as you will never “owe” with your account. There is no credit given, and as such no interest charged. You will be able to view all transactions and balances in your mobile app.

Will I be charged interest fees?
No. As GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid card has no credit or loan facility, you can only spend what you have loaded onto your card, and will therefore not be charged any interest.

Is there a fee to load the card?
No. Funding your Prepaid card is free of charge. 

Is there a fee to use an ATM?
Yes. For each successful withdrawal of funds at an ATM, a small fee of USD/EUR/GBP of 2,25 will be applied.

Card Delivery

When will my card be delivered?
The card is delivered to your mailing address in approximately 5 to 7 working days.

What do I do if my card does not arrive?
If your card didn’t arrive after 3 weeks, please contact our dedicated Relationship Management Team.

Can cards be delivered to a P.O. Box address?
No. Cards cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box. Make sure to fill in your mailing address for card delivery during the sign-up process.

What are the card limits?

Transaction typeLimit TypeFrequencyUSDEURGBP
Card LoadsCountPer DayNo Limit
AmountPer Transaction$10 000€10 000£8 000
AmountPer Day$20 000€20 000£16 000
Point of SaleAmountPer TransactionNo Limit
AmountPer Day$10 000€10 000£8 000
ATMAmountPer Transaction$1 000€1 000£800
AmountPer Day$1 600€1 600£1 600
CountPer Day555


Using Your Card
How do I activate my card?

  1. Login to your mobile app
  2. Click on the Card Account tab, in the top menu.
  3. Then, click on the “Lock” tab, and “Open” button.
  4. Your card is now ready for use.

Where can I find my cards PIN number?

  1. Login to your mobile app
  2. Click on the Card Account Tab in the top menu.
  3. Enter the last four digits of your card number in the card tab on your mobile app.
  4. Press the “View Pin” button, and your PIN code will be displayed.

How can I use my card?
GoldenCoin’s International Prepaid  card can be used in 35.9 million locations worldwide, and is used in the same way you would use any other credit or a debit card. Swipe our insert the card at the point of sale, and enter your card details when making purchases online.

Can I use my card at a ATM to withdraw cash?
You can use your card to withdraw cash at 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide as you would with any other debit or credit card. Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount of USD/EUR/GBP is 20. Result in trying to withdraw smaller amounts will result in “failed transactions”.

How can I manage/view my MasterCards Prepaid card balance?
You may check your balance and transactions in your mobile apps Card Account section. Please login to your GoldenCoin account to check your balances and transactions.

How do I load my card?
Login to your GoldenCoin account on your mobile app, and goto to the Card Account section. There you will find a “Load Card” button, which when pressed will take you to a screen requesting you to fill in the number of coins you wish to convert to the currency of your chosen card account.

Card limits

Max. balance at any timeNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Max. monthly loadNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Max. load per transaction3 gold coins3 gold coins3 gold coins
Min. load amount1 gold coins1 gold coins1 gold coins
Max. annual loadNo LimitNo LimitNo Limit
Max. daily load$20 000€20 000£20 000
Daily cash withdrawal (ATM) limit$1 600€1 600£1 600


How do refunds work on my card?
Refunds are the same as on any other major credit card. Please allow three to five business days for funds to return to your card once the refund is issued.

Is my card compatible with Apple Pay?
No, your card is currently not compatible with Apple Pay.

I do not recognize a transaction on my statement, what should I do?
Please contact our dedicated Relationship Management Team for assistance.

Lost or Stolen Cards

What happens if someone gets possession of my card?
Should someone get possession of your card who knows your PIN, they would only have access to your preloaded balance, up to the daily limit.

We recommend that you login to your app, and lock your card in case this happens, and then contact our dedicated Relationship Management Team for further assistance.

How do I report my card lost or stolen?
If you have lost your card or believe it has been stolen, please log into your mobile app and press the “Lock” card button. Then contact our dedicated Relationship Management Team to report this and to order a new card.

Card Expiry

When does my card expire?
Your card is valid for three years.

What do I do when my card expires?
Plastic cards can be renewed.  Please see “Terms and Conditions” for further information.

What happens if my card expires and it still has a balance?
Please contact our Dedicated Relationship Management Team for assistance. Our team is available Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00 p.m. Swiss time.


Card issuer statement
This card is issued by Wave Crest Holdings Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark of Mastercard International incorporated. Wave Crest Holdings Limited is an electronic money institution licensed by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. WaveCrest Holdings Limited is authorized and regulated as an e-money issuer by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC0056BNK).


Is GoldenCoin regulated?
GoldenCoin follows the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authorities Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Legislation in regards to combating money laundering and preventing the financing of terrorism, according to “Rundschreiben 2011/1 Tätigkeit als Finanzintermediär nach GwG Ausführungen zur Geldwäschereiverordnung (GwV).

Can I visit your office?
GoldenCoin is headquartered in Baar, in the canton of Zug, Switzerland, and has offices in several locations around the world, including New York and London. GoldenCoin welcomes clients who have made an appointment during normal business hours. Please contact our dedicated Relationship Management Team to make an appointment.