Our relationship with you is built on three pillars:  Trust, Loyalty and Understanding.

  • Trust – When we deliver you our product and services, we demonstrate trustworthiness and transparency in all of your dealings. We strive for being “flawless” and even if we make a mistake, we will be transparent about it, and let you know.


  • Loyalty – We are always loyal to our clients, which means that defending your interests is paramount to us, protecting your wealth, defending your private property rights, your privacy and your citizens rights in general.


  • Understanding – It’s also important for us to understand your situation and objectives, so that we can help you in the best possible way. Independent of what financial situation and objective you are aiming for we will cater you with legal support and special advisory as required for your specific situation.

To have the tranquility to know that you are in good hands, surrounded by people that have the highest reputation when it comes to ethics and service is what our corporate culture is all about. Switzerland is also said to be the most ethical country in the world, which is why Private Banking has a Swiss tradition going back hundreds of years.

The way we differ from other gold bullion, retirement, investment and precious metal dealers is mainly through the 4 points below.


Segregated Gold as Cash

Use your segregated gold bullion as cash, with your EUR GoldenCoin Mastercard, funded by converting your gold bullion coins to cash on your mobile app, all in a split second.


Client Service

Putting the client first, and focusing on understanding clients needs and requirements, as well as making sure that we are always there when needed.


Inside and Outside Banking

Our sophisticated mobile “non-banking” app, which gives our clients full control  to convert their segregated gold bullion to cash, make bullion transfers, request payouts and more.

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Europe and US

Being global  yet with a local point of contact. Offering payment alternatives from both Switzerland and the United States, makes it easier for clients to manage their funds, payments and payouts.