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Daniel Weitman – CEO and Founder

Helping Clients Around the World Protect their Wealth

There are many good reasons for owning gold such as protection against financial risk and for privacy.  But there is more to gold than just as an investment. Many Nobel Prize winning economists, Presidents  and other renown individuals have claimed that gold as money is also the only means to promote real democracy, uphold citizens rights, protect the environment and make the world a better place in general. Gold is, has been and continues to be the dominating world currency for more than 5000 years, and is even today the primary storage of value and means of exchange between nations central banks.

The United States is the reigning champion of debtors, having run up a $127 trillion dollar tab of the national debt and unfunded liabilities. That kind of debt is a ticking time bomb.

Governments have a history of needing more than their citizens’ tax money to pay their bills. When the situation is bad, they’re not afraid to target your personal assets. It’s happened recently in Cyprus, Ireland, Hungary, and Poland.

In 2011, Hungary forced its citizens to ditch their private pension plans and rejoin the state-run pension plans, or forfeit their right to future state pension payouts (despite their continued contributions).

In 2013, the Polish government seized half of its citizens’ private retirement funds. When you bank in your home country, any bureaucrat can freeze your account. They can do this without needing proof and without charging you with a crime. They can do it on a whim, just like in Poland.

What makes GoldenCoin Suisse unique is our technology that provides clients the alternative to keep their assets well protected in a true democracy,  outside the banking system – using the clients own private stock of vaulted gold bullion coins as money – with instant liquidity through our mobile app and payments card.

GoldenCoin Suisse is a family owned Private Swiss Nonbank focusing on Wealth, Retirement and Privacy preservation using gold bullion coins from the United States Mint. The family has been engaged in finance, business and law for generations, including promoting the gold standard for a near century.

Clients benefit from a traditional wealth and privacy preservation solution based on gold bullion, which goes back to the very early days of banking, when gold was currency and leveraging client funds was not permitted.

Incorporated in Switzerland and the United States, the company started its operations with a vision of providing clients with the worlds safest solution in regards to Wealth and Privacy Preservation.

GoldenCoin Suisse provides total privacy and zero financial risk, using segregated gold bullion as money combined with a mobile app “the Bullion Master OSX” that allows clients instant conversion of their private stock of physical gold bullion to cash onto a gold funded payment card (i.e. Visa, Mastercard), as well as payouts to clients private bank accounts worldwide and transfers of coins to third parties.

The company is exclusive in offering clients their own privately secluded gold bullion coins with instant liquidity through a mobile app integrated with credit card technology and banking systems.

In the US, the company is currently working on offering more liquidity to Gold IRA accounts and a Gold Bullion Health Savings Accounts – an untapped multi-billion dollar market – by offering a combination of vaulted gold bullion coins and the Bullion Master OSX app with its connected payment card.


GoldenCoin Suisse has the philosophy of putting the client first, with advisory  for clients specific needs, being accessible at all times and creating a close personal relationship with each client,  which has also been the reason for many of its positive reviews.

“We only accept a client, if we are confident that we can help the client achieve his goals. This is why we take time to engage with our clients, building a strong relationship of mutual trust and providing the service of a boutique establishment”.

We are very committed to client secrecy and privacy, and are proud to have several celebrities in our client portfolio, who trust us with their fortunes.

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