Prevent. Protect. Defend.

It’s our job to protect what is yours, and at GoldenCoin we don’t  compromise on safety.

Swiss Data Servers

All our data is stored in Swiss high-security underground data centres,  with ISO 27001 and  FINMA Circular 08/7  certification. The Swiss Data Protection Act, protects all personal data, including digital data. That means that under Swiss legislation nobody has unauthorised access to data legally stored in Swiss centres – whether in physical (CD) or digital format.

Mobile App

The mobile app has been engineered to comply with PCI DSS and OWASP security standards including AES 256 encryption and Four Factor Authentication (4FA) to provide a military grade advanced and dynamic adaptive authentication platform that protects all of your data.

Data breaches are on the increase, and with users using of weak passwords including password reuse, adding uncompromising security to protect all our business applications is essential. Equally important is the need for this to be both simple to use.